BlaB! is a fully resizeble, multilanguage PHP/AJAX based and best viewed with any browser web chat that supports PHP4+ and MySQL, SQLite & PostgreSQL databases.
It has guest login, built-in user registration system, sound notifications, changeable sets of emoticons, history that can be kept forever and much more!
Your website visitors would love the option to paint, share & play paintings in chat!
BlaB! Plus/Pro can be integrated with a variety of forums and content management systems such as Xenforo phpBB MyBB vBulletin IP Board Simple Machines Woltlab Board Joomla Vanilla Drupal Expression Engine and more!
Chat user groups are linked with your forum or CMS groups so that moderators are moderators in chat, those who are banned are not allowed to enter etc
In BlaB! Pro users upload and post images, upload and play MP3 files, post and watch Youtube, Metacafe and Vimeo videos, share files and locations. There are unlimited public and hidden rooms and a possibility to ignore other users. Those who share their location are visible on a customizable world map.
Both BlaB! Plus & BlaB! Pro would recognize a touchscreen device and would load a skin optimized for smartphones and tablets from 3" to 10".
Your very own mobile app can be created in no time by simply loading the URL to chat in a WebView.
BlaB! 8.0 (2015-Nov-12)
  • Bugfixes and improvements
  • Optional anonym.to links
  • Optional cookies warning (EU directive)
  • Changes in the chat engine
  • MySQL database collation is now utf8
  • MySQL is back as an option on install (MySQLi is default)
  • Plus/Pro only: integration with WordPress
  • Plus/Pro only: Users appear with group color in the online list
  • BlaB! 8 (free) · BlaB! 8 Plus/Pro
BlaB! 7.3
  • Bugfixes
  • Changeable keyword for posting a painting
  • IRC-style /me action
  • Plus/Pro only - Woltlab Board 4 integration
  • Plus/Pro only - Mobile skin can be loaded in a "top" or "self" window
  • Plus/Pro only - Pages optimized for search engines are now mobile-friendly using the latest Google guidelines
  • Plus/Pro only - New Performance Tab in ACP to turn off the most resource hungry SQL queries
BlaB! 7.2
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Install: some redesign and mySQL is no longer an option if you have mySQLi extension enabled
  • Admin: dynamic style slot backgrounds
  • Admin: styles can be saved on the fly without affecting your current style
  • Admin: you can reset all styles
  • Admin: current style can be imported or exported
  • Pro only - automatically selects http/https when loading videos or maps
BlaB! 7.1
  • Minor bugfixes
  • IPLog in ACP - IP addresses/usernames and last login time, users can be banned when offline
  • BlaB! Pro recognizes youtu.be videos
  • Free version now supports BAN users and IP addresses from ACP