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BlaB Plus/Pro is a PHP/AJAX based and best viewed with any browser multi-room web chat that supports PHP4/PHP5/PHP6 and MySQL, SQLite & PostgreSQL databases. BlaB Plus/Pro also supports 'guest' login, has its own user registration system and can be integrated into various bulletin boards and CMS such as phpBB, IP.Board, vBulletin, Expression Engine, Joomla, Wordpress, Simple Machines and we add boards & CMS to integrate BlaB! Plus/Pro with, on request.

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BlaB! 8 Pro only:
  • Hidden rooms visible to certain user groups
  • Users are allowed to ignore other users
  • Weekly schedule
  • Country recognition by IP [displaying a flag in the user profile]
  • HTML5 geolocations - online chatters who share their location appear on a worldmap
  • File sharing: upload and share files
  • MP3 sharing: upload and play in chat mp3 files (requires HTML5 browser: MSIE9+, Chrome, Firefox, mobile)
  • Image sharing: upload and post images in chat
  • Video sharing: post & watch directly in chat YouTube, MetaCafe and Vimeo videos
  • Map sharing: display in chat Google maps
BlaB! Plus vs BlaB! Pro

System requirements

In order to run BlaB! 8 Plus/Pro you need:

Integration with Bulletin Boards and CMS
The pic above is a board profile shown in chat.

Currently BlaB! 8 Plus/Pro can be integrated with:

People registered and logged onto your bulletin board or CMS enter the chat with their usernames directly, without a login prompt. When bulletin board or CMS users enter the chat, their profiles look like the one in the image above. Note that all info including avatar, usergroup etc is taken from a phpBB profile.

BlaB! 8 Plus/Pro is NOT a module, NOR Add-on. It does NOT touch your Board/CMS installation so that you can upgrade it easily and even switch BlaB! 8 Plus/Pro to work with another, e.g. you can remove phpBB and install vBulletin and by replacing a couple of variables, BlaB! 8 Plus/Pro will recognize your vBulletin users the same way it did it with phpBB.

The registration/login part of BlaB! Plus/Pro still exists. It depends on your settings whether people are allowed to register new BlaB! accounts. You can import user groups from your bulletin board or CMS so that moderators are moderators in chat, those who are banned are not allowed to send chat messages etc etc.

If you need to integrate BlaB! Plus/Pro with a bulletin board or content management system that is not in the list above please contact us including as many details as possible. The integration (if possible!) is free of charge for our customers.

1:1 Screenshot - click here to enlarge 1:1 Screenshot - click here to enlarge 1:1 Screenshot - click here to enlarge 1:1 Screenshot - click here to enlarge

We also provide a specially designed skin, information for advanced users and step-by-step instructions how to embed BlaB! Plus/Pro into phpBB3, Expression Engine, Invision Board, vBulletin, Joomla, WBB3, MLF, Vanilla and Simple Machines. The chat works in an iframe that is embedded in the template files of your bulletin board or CMS.

1:1 Screenshot - click here to enlarge

Admin Control Panel
From the Admin CP of BlaB! Plus/Pro admins can review and delete messages, create chat rooms, set user groups with different permissions, ban and warn users and lots more. The Admin CP is available in read only mode at our demo page.

 · BlaB! 8 Pro: 75 Euro
(no recurring fees, this is a lifetime license)
 · BlaB! 8 Plus: 35 Euro
(no recurring fees, free minor upgrades 8.0->8.9)

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