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BlaB! IM Pro is an AJAX/PHP based and best viewed with any browser Instant Messaging System & a chatbox that supports PHP4/PHP5 and MySQL, SQLite & PostgreSQL databases. BlaB IM Pro is NOT a standalone script - in case you are running it as a standalone script you will lose most of its advanced features - buddies, permissions, user profiles etc. BlaB! IM Pro is supposed to work on top of a variety of CMS and bulletin boards: PHPBB3, IP.Board (v2/3), vBulletin, Expression Engine, Joomla, Simple Machines (v1/2), & Woltlab Board and we add scripts, to integrate BlaB! IM Pro with, on request.

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System requirements

In order to run BlaB! IM Pro you need:

Installation & Integration

The installation of BlaB! IM Pro is as easy as possible. In config.php you set some database variables, some variables concerning your Board/CMS (table prefix, session cookie etc) and then you run install.php to create database tables and populate data. To integrate BlaB! IM Pro you simply add a single line in the templates of your Board/CMS. Note that we also offer free installation on request.

BlaB! IM is NOT a module, NOR Add-on. It does NOT touch your Board/CMS installation so that you can upgrade it easily and even switch BlaB! IM Pro to work with another, e.g. you can remove phpBB and install vBulletin and by replacing a couple of variables in config.php, BlaB! IM Pro will recognize your vBulletin users the same way it did it with phpBB.

1:1 Screenshot - click here to enlarge ADMIN CP & User Permissions

With BlaB! IM Pro you have a powerful Admin CP where you can adjust the look, test different settings, review messages, chat requests, uploaded files and set permissions. From Admin CP » Groups & Permissions you choose which user groups from your board/CMS are allowed to request chats, upload files, add buddies, switch to invisible mode, chat in the chatbox etc.

BlaB! IM Pro as Live Support Module

Although the primary aim of BlaB!IM Pro is to be an instant messaging system, it can be set to work as a Live Support module. Normal visitors are aware that there is an operator(s) online, and are able to see and start chat sessions with operators only. Operators are able to see all the visitors. BlaB! IM Pro can be set to work as Live Support even standalone (without groups) and operators are those who are logged onto Admin CP.

Other Features

€55.00 BlaB!IM Pro (no recurring fees, this is a lifetime license)

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