BlaB! WS How to install (quick-and-easy) - Debian/Ubuntu + Apache

Requirements: Debian 8+ or Ubuntu 16.04+ server/VPS with Apache, PHP5/PHP7 and MySQL/MariaDB. Access to that server via SSH as a root user. PHP shell_exec enabled in php.ini.

Step 1

Download blabws-server 32-bit or 64-bit, unzip and upload the folder blabws-server under your /opt directory so that the path to the blabws-server executable file is: /opt/blabws-server/blabws-server

Step 2

Enable an Apache module called proxy_wstunnel with the following command:

a2enmod proxy_wstunnel

Add to the config file of Apache (/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default.conf) outside VirtualHosts:

ProxyPass "/MyWsServer/" "ws://localhost:9001/"

Save the file and restart Apache: systemctl restart apache2

Step 3

Download BlaB! WS (client), unzip the content in an empty folder and upload it to your server under your website root directory (most probably: /var/www/html). CHMOD blabws/config.php to 666, navigate with your browser to YOUR-URL.COM/blabws/index.php and follow the instructions (3 steps only).

Step 4

At the end of the installation process (Step 3) you'll see a link to the Admin CP - start your blabws-server from SERVER STATUS, press the ESC key to display the menu, go to Server, and set:

Save with OKAY, press the ESC key to display the menu, hit EXIT to go to chat. Done!


Page updated: 2017-11-06