BlaB! IM: Adjusting the look 
How to change UCP color scheme, set BlaB! IM Bar colors and elements

You have full control over the look of the embedded BlaB! IM bar from Admin CP -> Look & Feel.

Admin CP -> Look & Feel -> Bar Elements

The embedded BlaB! IM bar has two different states: default and when a chat request occurs. From Look & Feel -> Bar Elements choose which elements to include in each state. All possible elements are shown above the corresponding textarea. You can also include any sort of HTML tags and even images. If you are not sure what to do, simply select a preset from the dropdown menu.

Admin CP -> Look & Feel -> Bar Style

Here is the tricky part where you have to use CSS to set borders, background, position, font and colors for the BlaB! IM bar. Note that the bar inherits styles from your website. Start with the presets from the dropdown menu. A nice idea is to display a fixed bar: position:fixed; - which puts the bar at a fixed place on the webpages. However, this is not supported by MSIE6 which means that the bar should look fine with relative positioning first.

Skins & CSS: UCP (User Control Panel) & Chat windows

In config.php you can set which skin: and CSS to be used with UCP and chat windows - you have 3 CSS files to choose from, under the subfolders skin_default and skin_tower: style_1.css, style_2.css and style_3.css.

$skin_dir='skin_default'; // skin directory: 'skin_default' or 'skin_tower'
$css_file='style_1.css'; // CSS: 'style_1.css', 'style_2.css', 'style_3.css'

The size of UCP can be changed from Admin CP -> Look & Feel -> UCP Settings.


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