How to upgrade to the latest BlaB 7 
from a previous version (v5.6, 6.x or 7.x )

  1. Download the latest BlaB! 7.x

  2. Unzip the files from the ZIP archive in a new empty directory e.g. /new_chat.

  3. Upload the directory /new_chat (and all files/subdirectories in it) to your server by an FTP program.

  4. Overwrite config.php with your old config.php file

  5. Transfer all files from your old /paintings directory to /new_chat/paintings.

  6. Go to /new_chat -> ACP -> Settings -> Update DB and update your database entries if necessary.

  7. Go to /new_chat -> ACP -> Settings and make sure that your default language is set properly.

  8. Remove or rename the directory /install

  9. Make sure that your new chat is working properly, remove the old chat directory and rename /new_chat to whatever you wish.


2015-04-30 15:22