How to upgrade to the latest BlaB 8 
from a previous version (6.x, 7.x, 8.x )

IMPORTANT (upgrading from v6 or v7)

In version 8 only letters, digits and spaces are allowed in the usernames. The upgrade script will remove anything else and will inform you about possible conflicts: duplicate usernames, usernames shorter than 3 chars. You'll have to deal with these conflicts manually. Users with converted usernames will be able to enter as before e.g. Bob! logins either using Bob! or Bob but in the list he always appears as Bob.

The upgrade script will try to convert the collation of the database and its content to utf8. Make sure that you have a backup. It is possible that the conversion is not required - to make sure that this is the case before upgrading insert from ACP some non-latin letters as new usernames and new messages - when prompted if you want to convert check if these entries do not appear properly and refuse if they look ok.

You can copy/paste examples from here:


Αποτέλεσμα της χρήσεως της αττικής διαλέκτου ως δεύτερης (και συχνά πρώτης) γλώσσας από πάρα πολλούς αλλόγλωσσους (αλλά και από ελληνόφωνους που μιλούσαν πρωτύτερα μια άλλη ελληνική διάλεκτο) ήταν σαρωτικές αλλαγές σε όλα τα επίπεδα της γλώσσας.


Русский язык — государственный язык Российской Федерации, один из двух государственных языков Белоруссии, один из официальных языков Казахстана, Киргизии и некоторых других стран.

Make sure that you have a backup of the database.
You can make a backup from phpMyAdmin -> <blab_db>: EXPORT

  1. Download the latest BlaB! 8.x

  2. Unzip the files from the ZIP archive in a new empty directory e.g. /new_chat.

  3. Upload the directory /new_chat (and all files/subdirectories in it) to your server by an FTP program.

  4. Overwrite config.php with your old config.php file

  5. Transfer all files from your old /paintings directory to /new_chat/paintings.

  6. Go to /new_chat -> ACP -> Settings -> Update DB and update your database entries if necessary.

    if you are upgrading from v6 or v7:

    -- You'll be prompted to convert usernames - do so and deal with any possible conflicts - remove or rename duplicate and short usernames.

    -- You'll be prompted to convert your database to utf8 - make sure that non-latin letters do not appear properly and only then continue with converting. If non-latin letters look ok select NO.

  7. Go to /new_chat -> ACP -> Settings and make sure that your default language is set properly.

  8. Remove or rename the directory /install

  9. Make sure that your new chat is working properly, remove the old chat directory and rename /new_chat to whatever you wish.


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